Hair and Makeup

Experience the transformative touch of Cinema Verde Productions' exceptional hair and makeup services, led by the talented Rosalie Ortiz. As our lead artist, Rosalie brings her expertise and an infectious personality to every set, breathing life into our productions. With a caring and easy-going demeanor, Rosalie ensures that talent, producers, and directors feel at ease, fostering a creative and comfortable environment. Her meticulous attention to detail is evident as she monitors the video feed, guaranteeing that every hair is in place and the talent appears fresh and ready for the camera. Rosalie's makeup kit is a treasure trove of possibilities, equipped with everything needed to enhance and perfect every look. Beyond her artistic prowess, she goes the extra mile to mother our clients and crew, offering essentials like gum, sunscreen, and fresh sweat wipes. With Rosalie at the helm, our hair and makeup services are an indispensable element, never failing to exceed expectations on every Cinema Verde Productions project.