2-Ton Grip and Lighting Vans

Elevate your production with Cinema Verde Productions' (CVP) state-of-the-art grip and lighting production van services. Our fleet includes two meticulously outfitted two-ton Sprinter vans, each tailored to meet the diverse needs of your project. Packed with cutting-edge LED lighting technology from renowned brands like Arri, Apture, Litemat, Nanlux, and Godox, our vans are equipped to handle any lighting challenge. The first van serves as a versatile multi-purpose vehicle, seamlessly integrating grip, lighting, and camera equipment. The second van takes it up a notch, housing higher voltage lights, generators, a hydraulic dolly system, and additional grip equipment for larger-scale productions. At Cinema Verde Productions, no job is too big or too small, and our commitment to efficiency is evident in our tenaciously organized and neatly loaded equipment. Ergonomics is at the forefront, ensuring that our crews can access gear quickly and easily, ultimately saving valuable time on set and providing cost-effective solutions for our clients. Trust CVP to bring unparalleled precision and efficiency to your grip and lighting needs.